Okay, I’ll pass one more comment before leaving the CHC thing for good tonight.

I’ve always emphasized from the beginning to the end, that I am not concerned with the individual persons involved, the pastor or whatever. As I said in my formal thoughts on the issue, I know none of them, it is humbug to speak of forgiving people you don’t know. We can pray for God to have mercy on them, but that’s just about it.

My focus and the rightful focus of ALL Christians should be on the *issues* raised, of which I see two very major ones (but not unrelated).

(1) The Prosperity Gospel, as heresy and distortion of the Apostolic Gospel. The Prosperity Gospel is a systematic violation of the third commandment and blasphemes against the name of God. And in so far as there has been no contrition, no repentance and no recantation of this blasphemy, the Church must exercise the power of the keys against those who claim the name of brother and judge this false Gospel. And as long as they persist in their false Gospel, there is no Christian fellowship or solidarity in the faith once received, no communion of saints.

(2) The Meaning of Missions and Christian Religious practice. This one is the much more pertinent and relevant question at hand. The fact is that CHC has invoked the Christian religion and faith as a pretext or reason to get tax exemption for Sun’s secular music career, claiming that it is part of their “missions” work.

This tax exemption which is granted to churches by the government is given in good faith that we *are* using them for religious purposes and not as a cover to evade taxes. The government has NOT required or demanded that we define exactly what constitutes religious activity according to the Christian faith, the tax exemptions are simply a public trust.

It is evident that this public trust has been severely compromised in the recent events. The Church and the Christian community CANNOT evade the responsibility which is laid upon us, both by Almighty God, and the government, to testify, define and clarify what is our Gospel and what constitutes Christian religious practice. When CHC invokes the Christian faith and Christian religion to get something out of the government, it is both our duty and our right, as those who bear the name of Christ and who claim to be part of the communion of faith, to test those claims, and the reject the distortion and misuse of Christ’s name to extort and cheat the government and the broader Singapore society of it’s money.

This is a question of both divine duty and morality. Even if legally any religious entity can define whatever it wants as “religious activity”, but we have a higher obligation than that of merely the legal. All the world can see, and judge for themselves, the hypocrisy of Christians who claim tax exemptions for a secular enterprise, and that we are merely cheats and swindlers who use the guise of religion for commercial advancement.

If we say nothing, pray tell, what difference is there between us, and NKF’s golden taps?

6 thought on “One Last Comment on the City Harvest Incident for Today”
  1. What if Sun Ho became as big as Madonna and talked about Jesus and Religion and millions of her fans converted. that I believe is the cross over project that failed….. Is that a religious activity? What if 33000 of the congregation believes in that mandate laid by their Pastor and ‘spiritual mother”. Should we judge, or leave it to God and secular judges to judge that all 33000 were wrong? Even the top of the church has seen nothing wrong in what the group of 5 has done, laying the grounds for the govt, and Perm Sec Sam Tan has indicated this is normal behaviour. Going to be interesting weeks ahead.

  2. “What if Sun Ho became as big as Madonna and talked about Jesus and Religion and millions of her fans converted. that I believe is the cross over project that failed….. Is that a religious activity?”

    What if the Spanish conquistadores used their big military might and colonisation and preached Jesus and religion, at gun point, and got millions of non-Europeans natives converted to Roman Catholicism. Is that a religious activity?

    So firstly, the ends does not justify the means. But secondly and more importantly, the success, or lack thereof, of the goals of Crossover project, is irrelevant. The point is whether or not the Crossover Project itself justifies the coverage of tax exemption as a religious activity. Clearly secular and even immoral activities can lead to conversions, but that does not therefore make them religious.

    “What if 33000 of the congregation believes in that mandate laid by their Pastor and ‘spiritual mother””

    What if millions of Catholics at one time believed in the mandate by the Papal bull “Unam Sanctum” laid done by their Roman Pastor and “Holy Mother Church” that the Roman Church appointment and approval of civil rulers and kings is part of their ministry and a “religious activity”? Just because a congregation believes that something is mandate by their religion does not make it so.

    “Should we judge, or leave it to God and secular judges to judge that all 33000 were wrong?”

    I would prefer that the Church itself be the judge as to what constitutes a Christian religious activity and not have a civil judge decide matters of Christian theology of course…

  3. I’m not a member of CHC, but I attend their services weekly. I will continue to support CHC even if pastor kong is jailed.

    I have been a believer for over 30 years, but it is at CHC that God actually touch me.

    I always remember the passage when the couple lied to Peter and the holy spirit over their land sales, both drop dead immediately. Similarly, if CHC is leading the believers astray, pastor kong would have been dead by now, God will not allow a demon to lead 33,000 of his people.

    CHC is not a cult, I could feel it if it is. I was bought up with many religions, in my young days, I have been to Taoist and buddhis temple, I kept fightingspirit charm inside my wallet. During my teen, I listen to heavy metal and engage in a little satanism. I’m not a expert, but I know what is a cult.

    But God is forgiving, despite my sinful secular life, he kept me alive. y, In the 90ties before I was enlisted into the army, I have over 30 motorcycle accidents, once in the expressway, but God kept me alive. It is only at CHC, that God touch me and opens my eye.
    I know there are many public outcries against this church, but I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe in this church, if this church is a cult, jesus tell us. We don’t need govt to tell us. As for the tax exemption area, it is a grey area, we will leave it to the judge.

    Lastly, I believe that kong hee can do nothing without approval from heaven. So, I rest my case with jesus, its not for me to judge.

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