As I’ve raised the issue right from the start of the CHC fiasco a couple of years ago, the substantive issue at hand is the role which the state plays in subsidising religions via tax breaks and what is the justification for that.

This is no longer a “secular issue” as some Christians allege, but a theological one. The government has in good faith simply subsidised our religious activities without asking for an account of what are “religious activities” according to Christian theology. If we want to continue to enjoy those tax breaks, the Church cannot evade this substantive theological question as to where does the sacred-secular line lie and what activities are properly “religious” and entitled to tax exemptions and what are “secular” and therefore should be taxable as are every other activities under civil government.

There are only two proper response: (1) A proper theological account which defines what is truly “missions” or “Gospel” or activities properly pertaining to the Christian religion, or (2) Give up your tax exemption.

But knowing local churches and Christians, they neither have the theological conviction for (1) nor the willingness to suffer the material pains from (2).


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