Some crap my friend and I thought of, enjoy! *Runs away from the tomatoes to come*

Thesis: All arts and humanities inclined students possess only a proto-mind, a sort of consciousness that straddles between sentience and sapience

Explanation of thesis: Most of them automatically make sounds corresponding to their emotional state, but are quite unable to draw any inferences or deductions concerning the semantic significance of what they are saying.

Evidence: Most arts students would begin every statement with, “I feel…”, indicating that their uttered words are a mere reflex in accordance with their feelings, which implies that their lingustic ability is not generative but is a mere reflex of an emotional state, not a product of deductive judgement. It is occasionally observed that they would sometimes say, “I believe…” which is an advance into the realm of cognition as it implies a minimal grasp of being able to be held responsible for a proposition. Most rare is the case of, “I know…”, in fact, almost never is that phrase used. We can infer from this that most arts students have no knowledge of anything whatsoever, confirming our thesis that they in fact, possess no sapience as they are unable to make positive judgements on propositions.

It is however yet to be determined if arts students are capable of deduction, but our initial hypothesis is that they are not. If an arts student is forced into the attempt to draw a rigorous deductive inference, this would be normally followed by loud complains of stress or complexity and sometimes even confusion. In almost all instances, the arts student examined will more often than not, simply give up or lose interest. However, a curious evolutionary adaptation strategy has evolved amongst some species of arts students. If confronted with a demand for rigorous deduction, they would retort almost automatically that all reasons are mere constructs or subjective, or alternatively they might attempt to trace an objection to some subjective state, etc. It seems to be an excellent strategy for them to ward off all attempts to force them into higher sapience and to protect their minds from the biological pressure of actually needing to use it. We classify this sub-species of arts students as “postmodernists”. Thus, we surmise that this is further evidence of the complete lack of the higher sapient ability to make deductions and inferences. However, it is hypothesized that if sufficient pressure is placed, the arts student in question just might be able to evolve into a higher life form, a scientific man, possessing full sapience and the ability to draw rigorous deductions from propositions.

The evolutionary explanation proposed for the retention of the arts students’ proto-minds and their failure to evolve is in the fact that arts student huddle together most of the time. Thus, there is as such no competitive evolutionary pressure for them to evolve sapient minds. This phenomenon of tribal protection from evolutionary pressure can be especially observed when arts students take science modules, whereby they will still huddle together with their fellow arts tribe persons.

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