When drivers from the land so red,
Did complain our paying rates,
And refused TIBS’s crap to take,
The locals did so gallantly make,
Much ado their empty plate,
And their plight did sympathise,
And for their cause did mobilize.

When refugees from lands afar,
Sought our sunny shores to park,
then nay did our rulers barked,
And demanded their boats depart,
Much righteousness and virtue high,
Did “caring” locals colours fly,
For these travelers woeful plight.

But when our rulers did decree,
for our population to increase,
Our people’s growth to never cease,
To place many foreigns in our midst,
And lo did “caring” locals howl and shout,
And make known their displeasure clear and loud.

Let this be a lesson to my dear readers,
That derive they thought from myriad feeders,
Of “public sentiment” and news vendors,
And other orthodox politicized ranters,
Though inconsistent and logic vandals.
But unnecessary be foreign menders,
If the damned locals were better breeders!

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