It’s rather amusing to see the back and forth accusations of “racism” in the aftermath of the Malaysian GE.

The ping-pong has become so rapid and the issues have become so confused that one really wonders what *does* the term “racism” mean in this particular context? Is a political party racist in the sense that it commands an overwhelming proportion of the support of a particular race? Is it racist in the sense that it serves the interest of a particular race? Is it possible for a political party to be composed overwhelmingly of a particular race and yet not represent its interest? What meaning then is there to the idea of a “representative democracy”, or do party’s represent their ideals on codified on paper on some manifestos and not their actual supporters?


What interesting times we live in, one of the few instances when a popular political slogan normally mindlessly tossed about is mired in ambiguities… warms my postmodern heart.

Well, this looks like a job for Analytic Philosophy. 😀

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