On this day 195 years ago, Sir Stamford Raffles signed a treaty recognising Sultan Hussein as the rightful Sultan of Johre in exchange for Singapore and modern Singapore was born, out of English commericial wit and cunning no less. (Explains why we Singaporeans are so clever in legal matters, we learnt from the best! 😀 )

Happy Colony Day Singapore!


(And I wil go berserk if anyone brings up that stupid city under the Malaccan sultanate before Raffles came. The Portuguese burnt it down to the ground! Forget it man!)

Therefore in the light of this day, I have decided to compile all my past writings on the subject of the British monarchy and the advantages of being a British subject in one convenient post.

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Flag for the Straits Settlements from 1874 until 1942
Flag of the Crown colony of Singapore from 1946 to 1959

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