Nope, not the ousia language, but the part about Christ being “crucified under Pontius Pilate”. He most certainly was not! If anything Pontius Pilate was Christ’s staunchest advocate when even his very own disciples have abandoned him. Witness the earnestness with which Pilate appealed to the people as he sought his hardest to have Christ released. Observe the fervency with which Pilate protested the innocence of Christ before his bloodthirsty people. Valiantly did Pilate resist the democratic will of his own people, one man and governor against the people, but, alas! For want of power and for lack of nerve, he was unwilling to flex his imperial power over his unruly people and dare not crush their wicked and seditious rebellion against his rightly ordained authority as the discerner of good and evil.

Thus, far from being “crucified under Pontius Pilate”, Pilate in fact washed his hands off the people’s vote for Christ’s execution, whose blood they gladly acknowledged to bear. Christ was not crucified under Pontius Pilate who tried his best to fulfil his duty as God’s ordained imperial authority and to be the protector of the good. Christ was crucified by the will of the people, that source of disorder and anarchy and enemy against all that is good and true, upon whom his blood rests. And this is the ultimate fruit of the democratic revolt against authority, the very deicide of God’s own Son.

I hope and pray that at I shall see Pilate at the Resurrection of the Just, and that God will forgive his weakness before the baying mob as he washed his hands off his execution, and that for his advocacy and witness to Christ’s innocence and kingship, even as no one else came to his defence, Christ will richly reward him with a place among the sheep…

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  1. I have never taken this clause to be laying blame against Pontius Pilot… but simply a statement of fact indicating the location in real time and space that this all took place.

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