In commemoration of this Dominion Day, I wrote the following hymn, to be sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, cant think of a more subversive adaptation. 😀


Our shores have felt the surging of a mission come by sea;
They are sailing down our island by High Heaven’s grand decree;
Stir awake O languid native, hear the Gospel call to thee,
From Satan’s hold be free.

They are flanked by myriad angels sent by Heaven’s firm command,
They are clearing out the jungles of our sins with its demands,
Bear they not in vain the canons, our wicked to remand,
From sin to wash us clean.

They are building Heaven’s colony on this our native soil,
With the preaching of the Gospel moth nor rust will ne’r despoil
O receive the Lord’s own heralds, reap the harvest of their toil
His colours brightly fly.

At the right hand of the Father, reigns the Son supreme o’all,
Gathers in the saints from all the world, to save them evermore,
Come O Watchman raise thy gaze above and lift his banner tall,
For He shall win thy fight.

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