To an evolutionary geneticist, the idea that a person’s genetic makeup affects their mating preference is unsurprising. We see it in the animal world all the time. There are probably many genes that affect human sexual orientation.

But rather than thinking of them as “gay genes”, perhaps we should consider them “male-loving genes”. They may be common because these variant genes, in a female, predispose her to mate earlier and more often, and to have more children.

Likewise, it would be surprising if there were not “female-loving genes” in lesbian women that, in a male, predispose him to mate earlier and have more children.

-Jenny Graves, Born this way? An evolutionary view of ‘gay genes’

Actually, I postulated this a very long time ago, that being gay and straight exists on a spectrum in proportion to how much the “male loving” impulse and the “female loving” impulse exists in each individual, for “gay” man, the male loving impulse predominates, etc. But everyone has both in some amounts.

I think this postulate accounts better for two paradoxical phenomenon, the gay for pay phenomenon, porn stars who claim to be straight yet engage and enjoy gay sex for pay, and also an entire gay porn genre which features straight sex for gay audiences.

For the gay for pay porn stars, my argument was that gay porn actors would naturally have an innate appreciation and desire for the male form, since they would normally buff up and exercise and all that in pursuit of male beauty and body, and thus are able to enjoy gay sex, etc As for the straight porn for gay man, these gay man may love guys, but not necessarily gay sex, just the male form which is perfected or fully realised in heterosexual sexual relationships.

Therefore if we interrogate the concept of sexual orientation and being gay, we see that one can be gay, in the sense that one enjoys male physicality or bodily form, without necessarily wanting to have gay sex or enter into a gay marriage and can in fact be perfectly capable of enjoying straight sex and heterosexual marriage, the straight porn for gay guys phenomenon.

Which I think goes to demonstrate that in the end, such research does not have a direct impact on questions of civic ordering, etc.


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