Most pro-life Evangelicals would object to thinking of any child as an accident, an unplanned mistake. In God’s ordering of history, no child is to be thought of as an accident—how much less should an entire people group?

-Derek Rishmawy, I Am Not Abraham’s Mistake

I think the question which is not engaged at all is whether race or “entire people groups” are a mistake. To be sure, not all who are Israel are Israel, no individual is an accident, the question is precisely whether people groups are also objects of redemption or only individuals.

As an utterly low church Protestant, I am very strongly inclined towards the view that individuals alone are the objects of redemption while people groups are merely a penultimate arrangement like coercive governments, a product of a postlapsarian world, which will be obliterated at the resurrection future.

This should be quite obvious when we reflect upon the Babel event. Distinction between races came about as a result of God’s curse and punishment, it precisely a punishment for a mistake, the pride of those who built the Tower of Babel. As such, if we see the final eschatological redemption as the elimination of all punishment and curses, that would entail the elimination of the mistake of race as well.

Many people tend to cite the Galatians “There is neither Jew nor Gentile nor male and female” passages as sanctifying multiculturalism. However, I read the “neither” in the stronger more literal sense of the term, in Christ there would literally cease to exist, there would quite literally “be no” racial and gender differences when at the Resurrection God eliminates all our distinct racial genetic materials from our bodies as well as our gender differences (For at the resurrection they shall neither marry nor be given in marriage but shall be like the angels). Thus far from justifying or sanctifying the harmony of races, this verse speaks of the eventual extermination of all races. At the resurrection all races would quite literally cease to exist with our new resurrected spiritual bodies, we would all speak a common tongue, have one Lord and Father of all, and racial distinctiveness would become quite literally history.

However, before the resurrection, there still remains marriage, the order of coercive governments and that of race. Race is a divine punishment which we are bound to live in until the resurrection. It cannot ever be redeemed, it can only be purged and cleansed by fire at the end of time. However before that, no one may can deny race as an empirical fact anymore than we can deny coercive governments or marriage as a fact of this life, it is something we are forced to live with until the resurrection.

In short, it is my Christian hope that at the resurrection I shall at last be redeemed from the mistake of being born Chinese and I look forward to the extermination of the Chinese race with great anticipation.

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