There was a recent case where legislators in California wanted to strike down the ban on affirmative action in university admissions only to have it scuttled by Asian democrats who pulled out after an outcry from the Asian community.

What is amusing is the complete cluelessness by the American talking heads puzzling over why the sudden resistance from the Asian community who are normally such staunch democrat voters. They blamed misinformation, manipulation, etc, etc. They even go on to lament:

One reason Democrats were caught off guard is that Asian-Americans have historically supported affirmative action. Indeed, many still believe race should be considered in college admissions. Some Asian organizations — including the Southeast Asian Resource and Action Center, Chinese for Affirmative Action, and Filipino Advocates for Justice in Union City and Oakland — advocate such policies, noting that not all Asian ethnicities are well represented in higher education.

But implicitly this argument assumes that Asians areĀ principledĀ voters. We vote to support the consistent application of good principles across the board, for the betterment of the commonwealth.

This of course is rather naive and, quite frankly, stupid. Asians as a rule are not principled but opportunistic voters. We support policies which would maximise our self-interest, not because we think the implementation of these principles would be good for all.

Of course we support affirmative action. In so far as it benefits us. But when it doesn’t, we resist.

This explains the common puzzle as to why Asians, who are seemingly so republican in their belief in meritocracy and all that, consistently do not really support republicans. It assumes that Asians vote in order to have their values represented instead of their interest. And since the democrats are the ones who are so consistent and persistent in their redistribution of goodies away from the whites to everyone else, of course we would always support the democrats. We are just ripping them off under the pious cover of social justice. >:)

This is why Asian rulers never listen to their people. To cite an Asian friend of mine:

Chinese people are the most vulgar race of shameless freeloaders in the world. If it weren’t for our high average intelligence, we’d probably have long been reduced to literal cannibalism by now.

Has China ever attained a minimum of decency without a brutal autocrat to keep them from embarrassing themselves?

We have no concept of a political order which flows from the bottom up, wherein the individual “naturally” acts in a manner which benefits the whole and from such individual principled acts the political order is formed. We are a vulgar race of shameless freeloaders who act to maximise our self-interest. It is therefore incumbent upon Asian rulers never to listen to the self-interested chatters of the masses and to impose with draconian authoritarianism from the top down policies and laws which benefits the whole. There is not a single virtue in the Chinese soul which was not branded there by the most brutal of coercive punishments.

This is why Asians are completely incapable of democracy. The entire commonwealth will collapse as we cannibalise ourselves and vote to benefit our own petty self-interest instead of having a care for the good of the whole.

As a side note, since becoming a more or less political fatalist, I tend to view the vast majority of political activity and policies not as a matter of righteousness but prudence, from a more or less amoral point of view. Thus, I still think that many Western policies are stupid, from a rational perspective judging what is good for the whole, but I don’t really get into a righteous rage or indignation about it. Since I am neither a politician nor a ruler, it is not my business to be bothered about policies or laws good for the whole. If I can’t do anything about their stupidity, I can only use it to my own advantage. As I read once from somewhere, when we cannot beat the system we exploit it. That is the oriental way.

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