On my previous account I speculated on a model of the legislature modelled on the Warhammer 40K Senatorum Imperialis. The Warhammer Senate is not composed of representatives by planets or territories but representatives from each department of the imperium. Thus, it has 12 members composed of the representative of the tech-priests, representative of the Inquisition, the Head of the Administration, the Lord Commander and Admiral of the military and navy, Speaker of the Merchants, etc. Thus, representation is by expertise or specialised fields, not by territory.

The High Lords of Terra

This isn’t unprecedented in real history. The British House of Lords to this day still contain bishops of the Church of England, and it used to contain judges which form of the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords. Today, while it is filled with political lackeys, it does contain a fair number of academics and experts. Remember the traditional role of Parliament was to be the council which advised the king on legislation and judicial decisions, it should have advice and representation from “all estates of the realm”, which does not necessarily refer to territorial estates but various corporate bodies. Interestingly in China the National People’s Congress, their highest legislative body, has delegates from People’s Liberation Army which votes as a separate bloc from the rest of the populace.

Thus in an imperial polity, a polity which is not centered on blood and soil but on ruling ideology and creedal subscription, it may make sense to abolish completely the “House of Commons”, or political representation by territory and have a purely “House of Lords” legislature, simply composed of delegates and representative from the various expert bodies or specialised corporations, e.g. the Chamber of Commerce, the Medical Association, the Education Association, the Military, etc, etc. If the problem is that the people themselves have no voice, they can be given one by direct referendums and votes. But otherwise, there’s no point simply electing officials to be mouthpieces of the people when the people can speak directly in a referendum, rather, you want your legislators to have actual technical knowledge and expertise to govern and rule properly.

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