My recent post just gave me an idea for a movie based on this.

The scene starts with news report of a crime scene by a river. The teenage boy’s body had been retrieved from the river in an apparent suicide. They note however several disturbing features: one of the boy’s eyes had been gorged out, there are abrasions and tears around his privates and lower body which a lab later confirms comes from excessive scrubbing.

The investigating officer thought that there was something familiar about these wounds but cannot put his finger on it. The police’s first suspect were naturally the parents whom they thought may have been abusing their son, but upon further investigation their parents seem like completely ordinary and loving folks. They decide to take his laptop back to the police lab to see if they can find any clues.

Once they cracked into the laptop they found among the files an utterly depraved pornographic movie. Some of those watching turned away, unable to continue, but a few of the men were glued to the screen and continued watching to the end. Later that night, the men who watched were visited in the night by the woman in the porn video, impossible to tell if it was just a dream or real, but it seemed that way. They act out the scene from the porn movie, and then the men wake up.

The next morning they found that they had nocturnal emissions over their lower body. They believed that it was from the wet dream from the previous night and washed it off. Everything seems fine on day 1. One of the men remembers the pornstar’s face, her body was also discovered washed up on the shore with the exact same wounds. They start their research into the circumstances of her death. Perhaps she was murdered by a serial killer who had struck again. Maybe it is a Jack the Ripper copy cat obsessed with “prostitutes” and cleanliness.

However the following day upon entering the bathroom one of them sees the same woman in the toilet, beckoning to a cubicle. He wants to question her and follows her and then seems to make love to her there, but suddenly she vanishes, the same emission appears around his privates. While embarrassing, he tries to scrub it off. It refuses to come out. Failing he tries to ignore it, but it disturbs him and he starts to obsess cleaning it out. Returning back to work, the other colleagues who also watched the video to the end are also behaving oddly. As they continue their investigation into the pornstar’s life, apparently she lives alone but they search her house again but much more thoroughly and made a disturbing find. One of her rotting eyeballs could be found at the end of a broken mirror. The police is divided between the theory that there’s a Jack the Ripper doing sadistic things and that the woman had gorged out her own eye. They also found bottles of shower cream, soap and even toilet acid. They searched the house more thoroughly and found a Bible with a pastor’s name on it. They suspect that maybe the pastor is a psychopathic Jack the Ripper killer “cleansing” the town of “prostitutes”.

They pursue this line of investigation and question the pastor, attempting to establish his whereabouts, timeline, whether he knew the teenage boy also, etc. Their suspicions were heightened by the fact that the church he ministers is not far from where the woman had drowned. The minister however tells them that all he had been doing is to persuade her to leave the industry and that the church will receive her without judgement or condemnation if she does.

However on the third day the nocturnal emissions refuses to come off, in fact it is spreading through the men’s bodies. They become positively obsessed with scrubbing it off, injuring themselves in the process. Then suddenly, when they look into the mirror they see the same woman, but this time crying in the mirror, and suddenly they found themselves crying too and becoming manically depressed as they scrubbed even harder. Their families and friends intervene violently to stop them from peeling their skins off. However, no one else can see the stains except the men. The rest therefore thinks that the problem is psychological and they were committed.

On the four day, all the men who were committed suddenly broke the mirror in their toilets and gorged one of their eye out. Some of the family, friends and colleagues are starting to wonder if there’s something supernatural going on, others insist that it’s psychological and they need to be confined. However, when the decision was made to do so it was discovered that they had all escaped. The rest of the team then noticed a detail: it was estimated that her time of suicide was five days from the day she made the porn movie.

The connection too coincidental and they were unsure of what to do. So they split into two, some of them went to search for the men to stop them from killing themselves, the other tried to find out how to stop the woman’s spirit. By piecing together various things she said to the pastor according to the pastor’s testimony as well as things she wrote on her social media, they hypothesize that maybe she wants to be “welcome” into the church, that was where she was going before despair took her and she drowned herself. The only way this can be feasibly done now is to bury her body on the grounds of the church of the minister who visited her.

However, it was discovered that her body is now on the way to being cremated. So now there are two filler exciting rush scenes, one a race to retrieve her body and bury it on time before the fifth day, two a race to find the men who were going to kill themselves. And of course since this is an American show, it must have a happy ending, she was given a Christian burial, the men, on the verge of jumping into the river were found and seemingly responsive to persuasion to not kill themselves, and all is well.

The final scene ends with another teenage boy with his back to us, scrubbing his private vigorously while porn movie noises chirps in the background.

It’s sort of loosely based on The Ring and various other Asian themes of demonic possession which repeats and replays the grief and pain of the suicide by possessing other victims and acts out the whole tragedy again and again, etc.

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