So recently I’ve been arguing against the Anglo political laziness of seeing things as inevitable rather than the product of specific political decision and political will, or lack thereof. I’ve been arguing that the civic decay of the West, for example, isn’t so much because of vast immigration populations but simply the Anglos lack of political will to police the immigrant populations among them. We need only look to the Arab states who are fabulously wealthy, technological advanced, with vast immigrant populations, and yet are deeply religious, conservative, while keeping the immigrants firmly under their thumb.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be reviewing a lot of civic arguments in the light of this insight to see how much of it is really just a product of this Anglo political laziness, trying to attribute magical properties to things which leads people to believe that they lead to inevitable events, trying to rationalize these outcomes after the fact, rather than acknowledging the failure of nerve and political will to control these things and direct them.I realise that there might actually be a link here to my recently ravings against the idolatry of the “rule of law”, where men are subject to inanimate objects like “the law”, rather than properly viewing them as mere instruments subject to human will, which we may wield and discard/suspend at will. We are no more bound to human law than we are to our cars. We can use them, or not. We are not subject to them, it is beneath the dignity of images of God to be subject to inanimate objects.
How much of our analysis concerning the impact of technology, social and economic forces, etc, on our political and civic life, etc, are really just a species of this superstitious idolatry where we subject human will to inanimate objects? We invented the pill, ergo, feminism is “inevitable”. We invented international travel, ergo mass immigration takeover of our countries are “inevitable”. How much of our arguments are really here just an excuse *not* to do anything or exercise our political will?

Maybe we can also trace this to English romanticism which contrasts things “happening naturally” against the exertion of human will, “artificial constructs”, and assertions. Thus, the Anglo-American mind just expects things to “happen naturally” automatically by themselves without the need to assert human will, so these consequences are “natural”, “inevitable”.

Well duh, if you don’t fight back against a wolf attacking your family OF COURSE it is inevitable that your family will be consumed. OF COURSE if you don’t assert your will against these things they will rule you. If you don’t control them, of course they will end up controlling you! If mankind does not hear and obey the Second Commandment to assert their will *against* inanimate objects, to neither worship nor serve them, OF COURSE you will end up worshipping them and serving them instead, superstitiously believing that there’s something about them which makes their effects “inevitable”, rather than actively directing, using, and subjecting them to *our* chosen ends.

In this, I think that ironically perhaps, once more the Americans have the immunity to this Anglo virus. The Americans, whatever their faults, make much of their freewill and their capacity for dominion over nature and inanimate objects, it is this zeal and capacity for dominion which gives them the spirit and will to resist such doom and gloom inevitability analysis of various forces and inanimate objects, to assert their will over it. However, this side is constantly at war with the “Anglo” side for order, romanticism, and subjecting human will to “nature” or inanimate objects. And sometimes this “freewill” can assert itself against biological facts like gender and marriage.

In this sense I think, despite all that I have said, I think there is still much to commend about American capitalism, the assertion of human will to succeed and flourish, even if I still think that a lot of features of property and markets are not “natural” but human instruments and devices, etc.However, it is not surprising that with the decline of Christianity in America comes the decline of teachings of the Second Commandment, and idolatry of inanimate objects and things, the meek submission, worship, and obedience of white people to inanimate objects and forces. Is it any surprise that it is the Mohammedans and their relentless monotheism who have maintained this?

If West wants to recover, they will need to recall once more their creator God who once said, “I am the Lord thy God which brought tee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.” and no longer be subject to inanimate object and forces.

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