While a lot of people are focusing on the Republicans red puddle and failure to make a splash, I’m more interested in the referendums for codifying abortion in the various states. And the results are disappointing to say the least that even red states like Kentucky and Montana have rejected this. I don’t expect abortion to be constitutionally outlaw except in the deepest reddest and most Christian states.

We have to face reality at this point: there is no electoral path for enacting conservative policies, whether via direct democracy or representatives. There was a poll which showed that the blue reaction was very strongly motivated by a concern with “abortion rights”, which is what tapered the “red wave” so called. In a Machiavellian way, the GOP elites kept dangling pro-life causes but never doing anything about it because they were aware that the moment it was a live political issue, the reaction of the other side would be so much stronger that the GOP will lose electoral viability.

However as I’ve been arguing for some time, the problem goes way back when the conservatives lost the Brahmins, the clerical classes, and the bureaucrats. It is clear by now that most people are NPCs, they don’t have the mental bandwidth to interrogate their visceral convictions, they simply react to stimuli or input mindlessly like animals or a computer program. However those visceral convictions do not emerge out of the ether, they are installed and inculcated by culture makers: the teachers, the academics, artists in Hollywood, the lawyerly clerks and judges, etc. While conservatives fetishise STEM, working with their hands, the crafts and arts, while they prattle nonsense like “those who can do, those who can’t teach” or “they’ll learn when they enter the real world”, liberals have taken over most institutions, especially Hollywood, the schools and judiciary, Human Resource departments, etc, and have successfully brainwashed most of the next generation, imposed DEI requirements on hapless corporations, while their friends in the law overwhelm the judicial system with lawsuits and prosecutions.

The judiciary is one of the last institutions in the US where there is still a mild conservative presence at the top, but this isn’t enough. 9 judges cannot control an entire system in revolt. The Christian baker is sued over and over again for refusing to bake the bloody cake, while lower courts happily crush him by hearing endless litigation over suit after suit. Judges can freely ignore legislation by claiming that the legislators were animated by racism when they enacted the law. Abortion protestors can be prosecuted and made to pay very heavy “fines” for their speech in terms of legal fees and time litigating their rights. They may go free in the end but a cost has been imposed by a determined clerical class which pieces of paper cannot counter. As I have said before: in some cases the law has already failed if it goes to trial.

Conservatives, leaning on Burkean Anglo laziness, think that institutions and visceral convictions “just happens” or maintain themselves, when they are maintained by vision, conviction, will, and power. They are maintained by men with minds and wills, not inanimate objects like “the Constitution” or “the rule of law”. It is not men who are subject to “the law” or “due process” or “institutions”, those things instead are instruments of men who are willing to wield, bend, and use them for their own purposes, or set them aside when it inconveniences their progress.

The worse is that conservatives keep prattling about “culture” and how “culture” is more important than politics or institutions, but culture again does not emerge from the ether, they are maintained by will, exercises of power, and vision, exercised by man over the key cultural institutions of the land. Look at how many conservatives still prattle nonsense like freedom of speech and thought in the academia. Could England have maintained the Protestant Religion established by law if they didn’t enforce the Test Acts for Oxbridge graduates, fellows and masters? How does the conservative expect to maintain “culture” when they refuse to police and control the key institutions of the land? Consider the various religious tests still on the books in various states, who is willing to enforce it as a test for judicial office? How do conservatives expect to maintain culture without control of the key institutions of the land? How can they maintain those institutions while giving their enemies “freedom” to run roughshod over it in the name of diversity of ideas?

We would then be subject to the typical limp-wrist lazy arguments about how we need the “consent of the governed” or some nonsense about how we should enforce policies or laws which does not command majority support or which they don’t want. But as they say in marketing, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them: the liberals are pretty good at shoving their vision of society into the faces of the masses, 24/7 in schools and on television. If the people dislike your vision, change the people, don’t change the vision. Further, the reality is that most of the masses are just NPCs, they may *say* they disagree with something but they are rarely invested enough to want to resist it if forced into it. Watch what they do, not what they say, see what they skin they are willing to put in the game.

As such, I would argue that if it wasn’t obvious before it is obvious now: there is no path forward for conservatives which does not run through retaking the Brahamins and their institutions, there is no path back to real power which does not pass through re-capturing institutions.

This means activist passion and obsession, no more mocking cat ladies, who spend 24/7 of their time agitating for their causes in the schools and boardrooms, while you worry about paying your mortgage and feeding your baby. No more nonsense about those who can’t teach or lazily expect the “real world” to teach them. Man must be governed and taught, if they are not then it is not going to happen “naturally”, they will be governed and taught by the devil.

Take for example the issue of abortion. There is simply no path forward on that electorally. However, there is a path forward in terms of simply installing the right judges who would just enforce it as a crime or a tort, making sure that Republicans control the state government and legislatures so that they can simply legislate and enforce anti-abortion policies at that level. Thus, no constitution amendment is necessary as long as you have the right personnel in power and control of the key institutions.

Conservatives have long prattled so much about “rule of law”, “institutions” and “due process” that they have ended up with the literal idolatry of thinking that these inanimate dumb made up things by other men have magical powers to make things happen, and that if we don’t pay the appropriate obeisance to them BAD things will happen. As long as we pass laws, overturn Roe v Wade, etc, etc, play by this made up game, everything will be fine and dandy. It is clear now that right wingers cannot just throw coins into the slot machine and expect it to work by magic or automatically. There is no “ghost in the machine”, these things don’t run themselves, they are run by men with specific wills and convictions. But more importantly, there is no need to fear tinkering, reversing engineering, and pulling the system apart to bend it to our will: we were not made for them, they were made for us, we can jolly well dismantle it from the inside and re-engineer it to serve our own ends. There will be no divine retribution for ignoring the proper processes.

It is at this hour where I think we need to simply re-think and re-evaluate our whole appropriate to republican/democratic politics. Society has always been controlled by the Brahmins, all democracy does is to hide them, but they are always there, pulling the strings at the back.

It’s time to seize control of the puppeteers again and bring the clerical class to heel with another Reformation.

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