What is the Christian Faith About?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth by his Son and for his Son. It was the will of God that the infinite riches of his life should be communicated in love through his Son in whom God was pleased to dwell and through whom God would reconcile and draw all things, in heaven or on earth, into his boundless life.

Therefore it was God’s will to dwell among his creation and grant them a share in his infinite life from the very foundation of the world. It is to this will alone whereby all things in heaven and on earth owe their existence and which will alone they exist.

Despite the sin of Adam and eve who sought not God but to be God themselves and to learn good and evil, God’s will for his Son to dwell in love among his creations was not deterred and God placed into motion a plan of salvation to draw mankind and all creation back unto his first original will, to dwell in love with his Son.

When the fullness of time had come and the world made ready for the Son, the Son was incarnate of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit and carried out the will of the Father to dwell among his creations in love. He acted righteously and wisely, he healed the ravages of a broken world by miracles, forgave the sins of his people, reconciling them back unto God, and proclaimed the spiritual Kingdom of God which dwells in hearts of the believers, communicating the knowledge and hope of the full realisation of God’s will to come. But in the course of enacting the will of God, he must confront the sin, wickedness and disorders of this world, never wavering from the Father’s command; he fulfilled the will of God to dwell among his creations in love, even to the very point of death and his own execution by those very same creatures he was commanded to reconcile. By his obedience to God’s will, he offered the true sacrifice of righteousness and obedience as a pleasing aroma unto the Father, which he was pleased to accept.

Thus, the will of God cannot be thwarted by the sin of man nor all the forces of death, decay and destruction. Rising again from the dead, the Son of God continued his Father’s plan, overcoming Satan and all his devices aimed at interrupting the original will of God in the beginning. He confirmed his message, reassured his sinful and wavering disciples of his love and grace, encouraged them, and ascended into heaven where, seated at the right hand of God, he continues to rule over the Church and watch over them.

Sending the Holy Spirit, the Son of God continues to communicate his love and Gospel through the Holy Spirit who would bring to remembrance all that he had taught the apostles unto the minds of the disciples and spur them unto love. The apostles and disciples so empowered by the Holy Spirit, continue to dwell in faith of promises of the Gospel, hope of the Kingdom to come, and the love of God communicated through Jesus Christ and the knowledge of his love.

From the Apostle’s time to this day, the will of God to dwell in his creation through his Son continues to expand throughout the world, the disciples receiving the Gospel and passing it onward, all looking forward to that great day of the General Resurrection, when at last this creation shall be purified by fire, the old heavens and earth pass away with a roar, and the soul of every elect shall know its worth in the appearing of the Son of God in triumph, and the redeemed shall continue its onward journey into the infinite life and riches of God, which no eye has seen and no heart has imagined, as it was from the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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