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A “Happy Erastian” or Episcopalian Reformed in the sense articulated here.

Also, an imaginary British colonial subject.

2 thought on “About Me”
  1. Hi my name is Vincent. I have been following your blog for a while. I have a couple of questions to ask you. Given that gat you have a very polemical attitude towards the Roman Church what do you say about the fact that many members of your church are engaged in dialogue and ecumenical discussions with the Roman church? Are yuh against Anglicans like Welby celebrating mass with Francis in Rome? Do you view such Anglicans as sellouts? Do you opppose ecumenism? If Rome is a false church then does that not make Roman Catholics not Christians but pagans and infidels?

    1. Vincent,

      That’s a very loaded question which assumes something like a monolithic posture towards a denomination which contains some organic unity. I tend to be a lot more low church about the church’s clerics and institutions and tend not to care what prelates are up to or what official pieces of paper they want to sign. Not forgetting that both the Anglican Communion and the Church of Rome mare very complex ecclesiastical organisations which doesn’t permit an all encompassing answer to such simplistic questions. See below for the difficulties for determining the constitution of the visible church.


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