Faith and Philosophy

These are some of my main writings interacting faith with philosophy and reason.

The Existence and Nature of God


– God is Not Good by Philosophical Reason; or I Believe in God the Father

– Why I am Not an Atheist

– What is God? Or why God does not Exist

Faith and Meaning of Life

– Christians Cannot Live as if they had only One Life

Faith and Rationality

– David Hume’s Argument for Miracles

The Superiority of Western Civilisation and Why I became a Christian

The Flying Spaghetti Monster Examines the Reasonableness of Religious Beliefs

Faith, Ethics, Morality and Euthyphro

– More things in Reason than is Dreamt of in your Philosophy? Modernism Vs. Postmodernism in Ethics/Morality

– Moral Contingency; or Being Responsible for Things Beyond Your Control

– Does God love the Good or is the Good what God loves? On Nominalism, Platonic Form of Goodness, and Divine Command Ethics

– Beyond Good and Evil: Christianity and the Invalidation of Ethics

Faith and Metaphysics

Can God Alter the Past? Metaphysical Musings, Digital Worlds, Skyrim and Radical Resurrection

“I Believe in the Resurrection of the Body”; A Functional Materialist Account of the Survival of Personal Identity

– The Dialectic Between the Absolute and Ordained Power of God; Or How God Cheats in Answering Prayers

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